Motta Europa Milk Pitcher/Jug500ml 17oz - Denim Coffee Company
We've tested quite a few milk pitchers in our day.  This is our top pick.  Feels nice in hand.  Quality stainless steel.  Frothing milk is natural and consistent.   And the spout is great for latte art.  For the quality, it is priced well and once you steam with one, you won't want to go back to cheap pitchers again.

Motta Europa milk jugs are recognised as the original latte art jug - the heavy mirror polished 18/10 stainless steel absorbs heat from the milk as it is heated which gives the barista a buffer of time to develop the microfoam and keep the milk hot while creating the latte art. The bell shape of the jug makes circulating the milk in the jug much easier - and the beak-like spout makes it easy to develop the foam as you pour into the cup. 

Capacity:  500ml or 17oz