6/4/24 - Denim Coffee Partners with Humankind for Flash Chilled Coffee Distribution



Central Pennsylvania based Specialty Coffee Roaster Denim Coffee teams up with mission based Mid-Atlantic distribution partner Humankind for distribution of its Flash Chilled Coffee product. The partnership allows for distribution of kegs across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York. In addition to Humankind’s robust clientele, any cafe, restaurant, hotel, food truck or office can order Flash Chilled Coffee in kegs delivered to their door by Humankind weekly.

“We are incredibly honored to align with a company that puts people first and cares about quality.” said Matt Ramsay, Owner Denim Coffee. “We have been a Humankind client for many years and are thrilled to offer our unique cold coffee to the Humankind network and beyond.”

“We love the team, the passion, and the coffee from Denim Coffee. We’re thankful for the opportunity to be the first to offer this new and innovative Flash Chilled Coffee product to shops across the region.” - Ethan Frey, President Humankind.

What is Flash Chilled Coffee?
The process starts with Denim’s specialty coffee, brewed hot and rapidly chilled within 30 seconds to fridge temps. They purge with nitrogen to remove oxygen, keg and send it to Humankind to deliver to their shops and wholesale partners to serve fresh from the tap in regular or NITRO versions. The result is a truly superior cold coffee beverage. Denim Coffee invites you to experience cold coffee at its finest.

Anyone interested in learning more about Flash Chilled Coffee can visit www.denimcoffeecompany.com/FlashChilledCoffee or contact Denim Coffee Director of Partnerships Kyle Matthews, kyle@denimcoffeecompany.com 717-461-2414.

About Humankind
Humankind exists to end the world's water crisis.

Every bottle of Humankind water, tea, and lemonade provides at least 50 gallons of clean water to someone in need. To date, Humankind has provided over 300,000 people everyday access to clean water. Their specialty coffee and retail partners are a HUGE part of making that happen.

In 2018, they realized that coffeeshops and other places where specialty coffee is served were their best customers. The problem was, there wasn't a distributor in our area who specialized in serving these customers and also sold bottled beverages. So they started their own. Customers embraced this expansion, and www.HumankindOrders.com was born. They specialize in delivering directly to coffee shops and other specialty stores in the Mid-Atlantic. More than 600 coffee shops now trust Humankind to deliver what they need, when they need it.

Learn more at https://humankindwater.com.

About Denim Coffee
Denim Coffee is a Specialty Coffee Roaster with cafes in Chambersburg, Carlisle, Dickinson College, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and a new shop opening Summer 2024 in Lancaster, PA. With a goal of 10 shops in 10 years, Denim is working hard to deliver on their promise to “make better coffee” and grow their business to a level of direct relationships with coffee farmers to help alleviate some of the injustices in the coffee supply chain network. With every shop, every wholesale partner, every flash chilled coffee sold, Denim Coffee is one step closer to this goal. Everything we do comes down to this: Make Better Coffee.


1/11/24 - Denim Coffee Taps Caffeinated Connector Kyle Matthews to Lead Wholesale Drive

Denim Coffee is proud to announce the appointment of Kyle Matthews as Director of Partnerships, a new position with a focus on relationship development for wholesale coffee supply in the greater coffee and business communities.  

“I’m excited to work with the team at Denim that has built a solid foundation to handle the expansion planned for the next 3-5 years and beyond." said Kyle. "I love meeting others and helping them move forward in a meaningful way. Partnering with Denim Coffee, for me, is all about relationships first.”

Kyle’s focus will be developing new wholesale partnerships ranging from efficient brewing options for offices looking to advance beyond the Keurig, to start-up entrepreneurs looking to launch a new coffee business and established cafes and restaurants looking to provide a superior coffee option for their clientele. 

In addition to the coffee sales for traditional hot brewing venues, Kyle will be advancing Denim’s new Flash Chilled Coffee wholesale program. This unique offering allows anyone with an audience (office, church, cafe, restaurant) to level up their cold coffee game with a superior, on-tap cold coffee option dispensed from kegerators and supplied in kegs from Denim Coffee headquarters. 

“With Flash Chilled coffee, cafes no longer need to rely on staff to execute the traditional cold brew which is often muted and stales quickly resulting in waste when unused product is dumped after a few days.” said Kyle. “Our Flash Chilled coffee is brewed hot and chilled within 30 seconds to fridge temps, then kegged and purged with nitrogen to preserve freshness and vibrancy for months.” 

So whether you need hot coffee, cold coffee, single brewer for a small office, elevated coffee offering for you established cafe/restaurant or want to open your own cafe, Denim Coffee is here for you and Kyle would love to connect. 

Anyone interested in learning more and beginning a discussion around better coffee may email Kyle at Kyle@DenimCoffeeCompany.com. To learn more about wholesale opportunities with Denim Coffee, please review our wholesale partnership program overview page, click here.

About Kyle

Kyle Matthews is an entrepreneur, having started his own business at the age of 15 to pay for college, graduating from Shippensburg University in 2008. Over the years, he held successful sales and leadership roles over a variety of industries in both B2B and B2C companies.  

All of his experience leads to a people-first approach that transcends industry silo’s and drives progress across teams of all sizes. He brings a unique networking ability that builds community wherever he goes. Kyle made the intentional move back to Pennsylvania in 2023 from a decade of adventure in Colorado with his wife, son, and daughter to be close to family, with both sets of grandparents living nearby.

Ultimately, Kyle’s purpose is to help others live out a better story, both personally and professionally.  

Connect with Kyle on LinkedIn, click here. 

1/4/24 - Pennsylvania specialty coffee roaster Denim Coffee levels up on their mission to make better coffee with new headquarters, IMF roaster, Flash Chilled product line, and revamped wholesale partnership program.

With an eye on continued growth and expansion through retail and wholesale opportunities, Denim Coffee has been diligently putting the pieces together to expand production capabilities and provide room for future growth in all directions.

With five existing retail coffee shops (Chambersburg, Carlisle, Dickinson College, Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg), two additional shops (Lancaster Spring '24 and another location yet to be announced) opening in 2024 and a growing list of wholesale partners, owners Matt Ramsay, Kristin Ramsay and Tony Diehl purchased their new 30,000 square foot headquarters in Chambersburg Pennsylvania. Formerly an ice factory and fallout shelter, the building now includes a state-of-the-art tasting/training room, roasting and production space, flash chilled coffee production operations, and commercial kitchen for their bakery.

The additional space has already born fruit for Denim Coffee, allowing for a dedicated room for Flash Chilled Coffee keg production and storage.

"I first tasted flash chilled coffee at Coffee Fest Boston and was blown away by how superior it was to any cold brew coffee option that I have tried." said Matt. "I knew instantly that flash chilled was the path forward for better cold coffee."

Matt set out on an 18-month journey to crack the code for flash chilling coffee at scale. Once in their new headquarters, a room was dedicated and equipment was installed to brew hot coffee and chill it to 40° in under 30 seconds. Once chilled the coffee is kegged and purged with nitrogen to preserve its vibrancy and freshness for months. Denim Coffee currently offers their flash chilled coffee on draft and nitro at their coffee shops as well as supplying kegs and kegerators to wholesale partners. Plans are in place to develop a canning line to unlock additional opportunities for this new flash chilled line of coffee.

The final piece of the puzzle was a new IMF Roaster and silos installed in the fall of 2023. This new roaster not only significantly increases production, it provides efficiencies and controls to dial in roasts like never before.

"Moving to IMF roasting from a traditional gas burner roaster is like changing from a 90s stick shift Geo Metro to a sports car. If I want to change the temp to 800 degrees in the roaster, I have it at the touch of a button and the temp is spot on," said Matt. "We now have a much wider range of possibilities for dialing in our roasts while maintaining accuracy."

Denim Coffee has plans in place to open 2 additional central Pennsylvania shops in 2024 while evaluating additional opportunities in retail, wholesale, e-commerce, and grocery coffee sales.

"I started this journey 12 years ago with my wife Kristin, to see the company grow to more than 60 employees, multiple retail locations and many vibrant successful wholesale partners has been a dream come true." said Matt. "We are absolutely thrilled for what the future holds and excited to work with anyone who wants to make better coffee."

In addition to the new infrastructure, Denim Coffee has also leveled up their wholesale partnership program by adding Kyle Matthews to the roster as Director of Partnerships.

Anyone interested in exploring wholesale opportunities with Denim Coffee may reach out to Kyle, kyle@denimcoffeecompany.com.

"Our goal has always been to open 10 retail coffee shops that we own and operate as well as expand our wholesale partnerships." said Matt. "With the added space and new IMF roaster, we are confident in our ability to pursue those goals and beyond."

Connect at www.Facebook.com/DenimCoffee & www.Instagram.com/DenimCoffeeCompany 

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