Given our role as a Coffee Roaster and industry expert, we receive a vast range of questions from simple brewing tips and coffee recommendations to questions regarding our wholesale partnerships and coffee shop management best practices. Below are several of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If your questions are not in this list, please feel free to email with your questions.

1. How do Denim's Coffee Subscription Plans work?

Our coffee subscription plans allow customers to have freshly roasted coffee delivered to their doorstep all year round without having to make repeated individual purchases.

In order to start a subscription plan visit Denim's collection of Single Origin Coffees. Select your desired coffee. After you click on the coffee you want to start your subscription with, choose the "Subscribe and Save" option below the coffee's picture. You can then select how often you would like the coffee delivered (every 1,2,3, or 4 weeks), your desired size of the coffee bag (12oz default) and whether you'd like whole bean or ground.

Alternatively, you can select an assorted coffee subscription plan. This option allows you to have an assorted mix of Denim's great coffees delivered to you, rather than only 1 type of coffee.

For this option, simply select the 6 Bag Coffee Subscription, 12 Bag Coffee Subscription, or Infinite Assorted Coffee Subscriptions found on Denim's Front Page or Single Origin Coffees Page. After choosing with subscription plan you'd like, you only need to choose the size, frequency, and whole bean/ground option.

2. Does Denim Carry Coffee Blends?

Coffee blending is an art form which meets a specific need.  We advocate for single-origin coffees because we like to experience coffee as more than just an end product.  We like to know where it is from and how its location and climate have affected flavor, aroma, body, etc. 

But blending coffees can achieve long-term consistencies and balance.  And sometimes, curiosity gets us into mixing some of this with some of that.  Enjoy our intentionally limited supply of blends.

More specifically we have now released our espresso blend online. This blend had previously been available only to wholesale partners, but after years of dialing in the perfect blend, it is now available for purchase on our online store.

More Topics to be covered soon!