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401 Walnut St, Harrisburg, PA

Open 7 Days a Week 7:30am-3pm

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Denim Coffee Goes High-Tech in Their Quest to Make Better Coffee for Harrisburg

Denim Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster based in Central Pennsylvania with retail shops in Chambersburg and Carlisle, has opened their 3rd retail shop in the heart of downtown Harrisburg (401 Walnut St, beside the Capitol and Strawberry Square). 

The shop features stunning views of downtown Harrisburg from their live-edge wood window bar seating.  Natural wood and denim-themed blues, greys and whites inhabit plenty of natural light to create a clean, bright shop with the primary focus on the brewing process and coffee offering.  The menu includes full espresso experience (lattes, cappuccinos, frappes), brewed coffees, real fruit smoothies and fresh baked scones, muffins, cookies, and brownies.

The newest shop in Harrisburg, PA is leaning into the future with some of the most advanced coffee technology available.  Founder Matt Ramsay says it all starts with the water, which is filtered to pure H20 through reverse osmosis before actively mixing with liquid minerals to the ideal specs for coffee brewing.  “We’re using the best water filtration and remineralization systems I can find on the planet,” says Ramsay. 

Espresso is ground by weight (Victoria Arduino grinder) and brewed by weight (ModBar espresso machine by La Marzocco) rather than timers.  Ramsay says, “The coffee industry has been rightly moving towards scales to dial in espresso recipes so we are using the newest grind-by-weight grinder and a Modbar espresso machine with built-in scales to make sure every espresso is served according to meticulous specifications.  While I’ve been tamping espresso by hand for 15 years, I have to admit the automatic tamper we are using is more consistent and eliminates another variable.” 

A through-the-bar milk dispenser from Australia is being used to dispense precise milk amounts by pitcher and an automatic single-serve coffee brewer on the corner of the bar provides an experience for customers who want a freshly prepared coffee from Denim's single origin offerings.

An early adopter of computer-controlled coffee roasting in 2011, Denim Coffee has always relied on industrial science on its quest to make better coffee, but Ramsay says technology is just a tool in the tool box.  “Coffee is a young industry, changing all the time, but roasting and brewing is still a craft.  There is no substitute for experience and I’m thrilled to bring ours to the Harrisburg’s already amazing coffee culture.”