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Urnex Full Circle Grinder Cleaning Tablets

About Full Circle...Sustainability from the Ground Up

Urnex's Full Circle Coffee Equipment Cleaning Products combine the cleaning power of their predecessor with an array of eco-friendly ingredients. This innovative creation still meets Urnex's high quality standards while considering the beautiful world around us. Each ingredient in the Full Circle Products is found in everyday foods or they're derived from plants. The labels are printed on digitally, therefore reducing emissions. Finally, the cleaning solutions are phosphate-free and are stored in 100% recyclable packaging.


  • First ever entirely green coffee equipment cleaning product
  • 100% phosphate free and all ingredients are renewable, sustainable, and naturally occurring
  • All-natural and completely food safe
  • Removes coffee oils and build up from burrs and grinder casing
  • 100% recyclable jar


  1. Fill cap of container with tablets.
  2. Empty grinder and set it to a fine-medium grind setting
  3. Pour cleaning tablets into grinder
  4. Turn grinder on until all the tablets are ground
  5. Grind a cap full of coffee beans until they are ground and dispose of spent grounds.  
  6. Residual dust may appear in the hopper, but is harmless.  Wipe away any visible dust with a clean rag.  

Contains 215 Grams of Coffee Shaped Tablets