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Our Approach


We obsess over roasting only our favorite coffees and sharing them at prices that allow anyone and everyone to enjoy them at their peak freshness. We roast each coffee uniquely to bring out the best of each bean, preserving the efforts of the farmers who are responsible for the beans.


We treat our wholesale customers as partners and friends, operating under the belief that our successes are dependent upon one another. This drives us to provide our partners with only the best and freshest coffees, ongoing support, training, and expertise. 

What Do You Get When You Partner With Denim Coffee?

Unbelievably Great Coffee - Specialty Grade, Top 1% Quality in the World
We make sure that you are serving only the best, freshest coffees by roasting and delivering specialty coffees to meet your needs. We source and roast specialty grade coffee, the top 1% of quality coffee in the world. 

We'll Make You A Coffee Expert
We want to help you serve your coffee at its best to your customers. To do so, we offer on-site staff training and ongoing support as well as complimentary consulting services across various business areas in the coffee and hospitality industries.

The Best Equipment in the Industry
We make finding the right equipment simple by providing the best equipment from brands that we trust from experience. We provide equipment at cost and will install it for you; offering ongoing support for all equipment that we provide.

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