Looking to launch your own branded specialty coffee product? We can help! 

While we would love to be able to accommodate all inquires for custom white label coffee service, we do have some minimum requirements to ensure our limited resources are optimized and together we are creating a product and program that will be mutually beneficial. Below are a few basic criteria that interested inquires must meet for us to entertain a white label coffee collaboration. Note: this white label coffee service is for 12oz coffee bags sold through our website only. US shipping only, this is important to keep in mind while evaluating the information below. 

1. Minimum Sales Estumates. We must both feel confident that you have a clear path to sell a minimum 200 12oz bags of coffee at a price point of $20 or more within a months time. For this, we ask for some sales figures related to any other products you have sold to your audience (ie. what you sold, what it cost, how many you sold, in what timeframe). If you have never sold a product to an audience we would not be able to entertain a white label coffee with you. 

2. Plan for marketing your coffee. We would create a product page on our website, you would promote it to generate sales from your audience. We ask for the following information: social media follower counts, email subscribers, monthly website visitors

3. Artwork for your coffee. We ask that you provide a general concept for your coffee bag design for our review. Since the product will live on our website and be fulfilled by us, we reserve the right to deny request we feel do not align with our standards. 

Still with us? If you feel confident you meet the minimum requirements above, please review the follow sales details and upfront expenses to determine if a white label coffee would be viable. 

Up-front Expenses You Would Cover

Cost of the bags. This is a buy-in expense paid to our third party bag supplier to get bags printed and shipped to our headquarters. There are 2 options:

1. Low End, Sticker on Blank Bag - $300 for 200 12oz coffee bags with custom art sticker on the front. You select one color bag and design a 4 x 6 inch sticker that we order and apply to the front of the bag. 

2. High End, Fully Customized Art Bag - $700 for 200 12oz coffee bags with fully customized art on the front back and bottom. The cost per bag comes down with larger quantities (ie. 500 bags $1000, 1000 bags $1200) the minimum is 200 bags for $700.

Financial Terms - we split profits 50/50.

The total expenses on a 12oz bag of coffee are around $10 (green coffee, roasting/production, shipping overages which are any amount in shipping we pay above our flat $5.99 shipping fee collected).

So if you sold 200 bags at $20 that's $4000, then take out $2000 expenses (the $10/bag mentioned above), that leaves $2000 in profit we would split. So $1000 each, keeping in mind your initial buy-in cost to get bags printed, your take home profit would be:

  • $700 for the low end sticker on blank bags
  • $300 for the high end fully customized art bags

Some Final Notes - If you increase the price per bag you would obviously increase profits. We sell our standard Denim Coffee 12oz bags for $14 so it would be up to you to know your audience and what they might be willing to pay for custom artwork coffee offering from you. We can certainly add any items in with orders if you ship them to us (stickers, NFT redemption instructions, etc.). Everything outlined above is for a minimum 200 coffee bag entry level offering. This is a good size to be able to gauge interest in a low risk offering. If we sellout in a quick timeframe we can certainly look at ways to optimize and launch another coffee offering. 

If you have read this far and feel confident with the minimum requirements above, we would love to discuss your project. Please email the folliwing information to Tony@DenimCoffeeCompany.com:

1. Name & Location

2. Social Media links - Instagram, Facebook, X/Twitter

3. Total email subscribers if you have an email list.

4. Website link and visitors per month.

5. Examples of products you have sold recently, price point and total sold.

6. General overview of what type of white label coffee offerings you had in mind.