Cold Brew

Brew your own cold brew with our custom blend for a heavy and balanced profile with Earth and caramel notes.  

Denim Coffee cold brew is simple. Two ingredients: our fresh roasted blend of beans and high quality water steeped together for 18 hours at room temperature and filtered.

That's it!

The resulting batch is a dense extract which works great with milk and simple syrups and can be watered down to taste for a less-dense cup of cold brew.

Cold Brew Recipe

To make cold brew at home:

  • purchase a 12oz or 2lb bag of Cold Brew beans
  • grind very coarse (select this option during ordering if you would like us to grind for you)
  • dump cold brew grounds into a large container
  • add 7 cups of room temp water for 12oz of ground coffee or 19 cups of room temp water for 2lb of ground coffee
  • stir thoroughly to ensure all coffee grounds are submerged in water, check back in an hour to stir grounds into water a final time
  • cover and let steep for 20 hours
  • filter off the coffee grounds
  • the resulting cold brew concentration will be quite strong, dilute with additional water to taste
  • Enjoy!

NOTE: we recommend the Toddy Cold Brew system for simple home cold brewing, learn more here. 

Premium Quality, Shipped Fresh
At Denim Coffee we work with specialty coffee beans, the top 1% quality coffee in the world, and we are committed to premium quality fresh roast coffee. To this end we roast and ship our coffee beans fresh every Tuesday. 

To ensure your order is included in Tuesday's roast, order by Monday at midnight. Orders placed after Monday at midnight will be included on the following Tuesday's roast. 

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Thank you and happy brewing!