S2 EK Spazio
S2 EK Spazio S2 EK Spazio
    Sporting most of the same features as it's larger cousin, the Spazio offers a smaller footprint for those looking to maximize counter space without compromising on quality. While the boiler of the Spazio is smaller by two liters, it still has enough capacity to keep up with the needs of a small cafe or medium restaurant. The large range of motion on the steam arms means that despite it's smaller frame, two baristas can still comfortably work together on the same machine. It's accurate volumetric dosing ensures that each shot is the same volume as the next. Unlike the larger EK, the Spazio also optionally comes in a 110V version for those without a 220V hookup.
      An excellent choice for discerning owners, this machine is proof positive of the old adage about how "Good things come in small packages".