For some information on a couple of great kettles, check out the video review:

We have put these kettles through daily testing in a commercial setting, and they do the job very well.  The 1.0 Liter is especially unique in that in has both the gooseneck spout for precise pouring and the variable PID base which can be adjusted by individual degrees.  Making great coffee is very much about dialing in all the variables.  Pouring and temperature are critically important variables, and these kettles fit the bill for controlling both.  So get your lab coats on, grab one of these kettles, and science up your daily brew.  

Oh, and if all that sounds a bit too much, you may want to consider the hold feature.  Just a couple of button pushes, and your coffee will heat up to temperature, and stay there for up to an hour.  Turn your water on and you can walk away without worrying that it will boil over or cool down after it has automatically turned off.  Whenever you're ready to pour, your kettle will be as well!

Bonavita 1.0 Liter Variable PID Kettle

Bonavita 1.7 Liter Variable PID Kettle





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