Andreja Premium  Evo
Andreja Premium  Evo Andreja Premium  Evo Andreja Premium  Evo Andreja Premium  Evo Andreja Premium  Evo Andreja Premium  Evo

    • Sirai Pressure Stat
      Commercial grade pressure stat. Sirai is known for its durability and dependability.
    • New Indicator Light
      Turns on when brew boiler is filling. This will help to identify if boiler is filling when pump has been activated.
    • New Light
      Indicator light that turns on when brew boiler is filling. This will help to identify if boiler is filling when pump has been activated.
    • New Style Non Compression Valves
      Commercial grade steam & hot water valves that are non-compression so they do not wear by over tightening. The new valves are built in a manner that stops them from touching front of the machine to avoid scratching.


    All of our Quick Mill espresso machines use only #304 food grade stainless steel, including the frame.


    No vapor lock problems with this valve if you want to put your machine on a timer.


    Higher wattage pumps do not have to work as hard and produce less noise. Brass ends won't loosen up and develop leaks like less expensive 41-watt Ulka pumps with plastic ends. The pump has a built-in thermal overload protection couple mounted on the side of the pump coil, which will protect the pump by shutting it off in the event it runs too long and gets too hot.


    This sensor gives you a low audible alert to let you know you will need to add water soon. You can finish the shot you are pulling and even do a couple more before the second sensor will kill power to the heater. Even if you fail to add water at this point, the second sensor only kills power to the heater and not the pump.


    Protects the heating element. No fusible link that has to be replaced; just push down and it's reset.


    We added a drain plug to the bottom of the boiler and increased the size of the opening to the access port. This way, you can drain your boiler completely for whatever reason. You can add a piece of silicone tubing to the end of the drain plug and twist the plug open, making it easy to drain into your sink or a bucket. This feature and process are seen above in the last two images.

    • Sirai Pressure Stat
    • Placement of logo
    • Commercial grade valves
    • Light indicator when boiler is filling
    • Pulsar to reduce the noise level from the vibratory pump
    • Hinged cover - no need to remove the cup warming tray to refill the water tank
    • Easy access expansion valve - no need to remove the outer shell to adjust
    • Three position power switch (left - power on for initial fill, center - power off, right - power on and heating)
    • Custom made knobs
    • Easy access boiler drain
    • High-quality stainless steel construction #304 food grade, even the frame itself
    • E-61 commercial group with automatic pre-infusion
    • Built-in heat exchanger (brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously)
    • Thermo siphon circulation (maintains consistent brewing temperature)
    • Ulka 52 watt vibratory pump with thermal overload protection
    • Semi-automatic lever action
    • Insulated boiler keeps your kitchen, and more importantly, expensive internal electrical components cooler, preventing failure due to exposure to excessive heat.
    • 80oz water reservoir
    • Large, pull-out stainless drip tray with 46 ounce capacity
    • Cup warmer
    • No burn steam and hot water arms
    • 2 hole steam tip & 4 hole steam tip
    • Boiler pressure gauge
    • Group pressure gauge
    • Precise, magnetic switch detects low water level
    • Automatic water level control
    • Direct connect option available
    • Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double)
    • Blank for back-flushing
    • 58mm metal tamper with wood handle