Alexia Evo
Alexia Evo Alexia Evo Alexia Evo Alexia Evo Alexia Evo Alexia Evo Alexia Evo Alexia Evo Alexia Evo Alexia Evo

the Alexia Evo by Quick Mill is an impressive home espresso machine. As modeled after Quick Mill's Eliane espresso machine, we combined our experience with Quick Mill's exceptional Italian craftsmanship. Starting with Elaine's exceptional single boiler configuration we made some key changes.

The addition of a PID controller improves the stability of your home espresso machine, especially a single boiler. With the improved performance and increased temperature consistency, you can enjoy an even better shot! Note that the PID controller cannot be installed or purchased separately.

As significant as the addition of a PID might be to any espresso machine, we have made multiple changes to improve upon the Eliane.


The previous steam arm only swung side to side. We replaced it with a swivel one and added the same two-hole steam tip found on our Anita.


We replaced it with the microswitch under the water tank with a reliable and proven magnetic float sensor. We use this same sensor on the Anita and Andreja Premium espresso machines. With the sensor changed we could remove the springs and tray the water tank sit on. The elimination of both made the Alexia Evo much quieter, with less resonance when the pump is activated.


The previous fusible link has been replaced with a resettable hi-limit. In the event, the hi-limit is tripped you can correct the cause and simply press down and reset the limit and you are back up and running without having to replace a fuse.


The Eliane as a 110-volt espresso machine draws more current with the same size heating element. Therefore, we increased the wiring size so that it can easily handle the current.


Similar to the drip tray and cover on some of our other espresso machines we added a large capacity, no-splash cover, with easy pull-out access.

We are the exclusive North American Importer of the Alexia Evo by Quick Mill (as well as many other Italian espresso machines). Distributor inquiries are welcomed.


Like all Quick Mill espresso machines, their boilers are manufactured with a T.E.A coating. This protection process significantly reduces the possibility of metal leaching. This coating decreases any adverse flavors making their way into your coffee. Another note about the Alexia Evo boiler: the espresso machine boiler uses low lead brass components.


  • NEW Velcro boiler wrap
  • NEW Commercial steam valve
  • NEW Style portafilters
  • NEW TEA coated boilers - protection process drastically reduces the possibility of leaching of metals
  • NEW Boiler drain - Allows the boiler to be completely drained for service or shipping
  • NEW Pulsar added - Makes the pump 25% quieter
  • NEW PID with shot timer - Allows for temperature control and extraction timing
  • NEW Custom knobs - easier to use. and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye
  • NEW Non-compression valves - Easier to use and less expensive to repair than compression
  • NEW No burn steam wand - Cool touch, does not burn hands and milk does not build-up
  • NEW 2 hole steam tip
  • Hinged top cover, no need to remove the cup warming tray to refill the water tank
  • Easy access expansion valve, no need to remove the outer shell to adjust
  • Three-position power switch (left - power on for initial fill, center - power off, right - power on and heating)
  • E-61 commercial group
  • Thermosiphon circulation
  • Ulka 52 watt vibratory pump with thermal overload protection
  • Lever-action semi-automatic
  • A precise magnetic switch detects the low water level
  • Large pull-out stainless drip tray with 46-ounce capacity
  • Cup warmer
  • Dual-purpose pressure gauge
  • High-quality stainless steel construction #304
  • Two complete 58 mm portafilters (one single and one double)
  • Blank for backflushing