Achille - Lever Machine
  • 1 Group
    Spring Lever
    58mm portafilter
    Traditional cup
    1 Stainless steel swivel steam arm
    1 Stainless steel swivel hot water spigot
    Plumbed / Reservoir
    4.5 Liter boiler
    15 Amps \ 110 Volts
    1400 watts
    Stainless steel

    ALL Quick Mill espresso machines are manufactured with T.E.A coated boilers. This protection process drastically reduces the possibility of any leaching of metal. Want to know more about T.E.A. Click Here!

    Also, Quick Mill uses only *Low Lead* brass components in their machines.

    The Quick Mill Achille espresso machine is a heavy duty powerful espresso machine wrapped with beautiful stainless steel. For those seeking a manual lever action machine for the home environment.

    (This machine DOES NOT use the same 58mm E61 portafilter that works in all the other Quick Mills. The ears on the Achille are angled differently)

    • Stainless steel shell
    • Stainless steel cup warmer
    • Articulating no burn steam and hot water wands
    • Manual lever action
    • Group pressure gauge
    • 3 liter water tank
    • Hinged cover to the water for easy access
    • Visible water tank indicator
    • Water tank or direct plumb option
    • 4 hole steam tip
    • 4.5 copper boiler
    • Rotary pump
    • Gicar control board
    • Sirai pressure stat
    • 58mm portafilter