Quick Mill Carola Evo
Quick Mill Carola Evo Quick Mill Carola Evo


The Carola single boiler home espresso machine from Quick Mill is for the espresso lover. With no steam capability and a focus on quality espresso only, the Carola is for the person who wants cafe-quality at home! It's smaller than most drip coffee makers and easy to use. What isn't in question ever with Quick Mill is quality, and the Carola is no different! The Carola is perfect if you're new to making espresso but want something that will last forever. Quick Mill did not skimp on this shell, it's ~2mm thick stainless steel and weights over 5 pounds. Every part of the Carola is commercial quality, this bulletproof machine should last a lifetime!


As of April of 2020, the Quick Mill Carola is PID controlled. With the PID controller, the single 0.75-liter insulated T.E.A. coated boiler is more temperature stable. Increased temperature stability means better flavor every single time. Consistency with the Carola is easy as well!


The Carola Evo now has a built-in shot timer and is equipped with an 'Eco timer'. The 'Eco timer' gives the machine the ability to turn off the heating circuit when the machine sits idle when not in use for the set time. The timer has a range of a minimum of 10 minutes to a maximum of 240 minutes (4 Hours).

To read more about the Quick Mill Carola's auto-off mode click here.


The PID is also equipped with a built-in shot timer. With the built-in shot timer, you'll get tipped off to other variables that might be affecting the flavor. For example, your shot time decreases, and your shots are weak. This could be because your grind is too coarse and you're not extracting everything you want out of your freshly ground coffee. This shot timer is incredibly helpful when diagnosing issues with your espresso's flavor. The PID with a built-in shot timer is located on the lower right-hand side above the drip tray.


The Quick Mill Carola capitalizes on the stability and longevity of the E61 group. For over fifty years, espresso machines (including the Carola), have utilized this group design. Why? Because it works and the parts are readily available for repair.


There have been some improvements to the E61 group on the Carola though. One drawback to the commercial-grade 58mm E61 group is that it had a plated mushroom and gicleur. These parts are common scale items and therefore would need to be cleaned or replaced commonly. On the Quick Mill Carola - we have introduced a stainless steel mushroom and gicleur to make the Carola even more bulletproof!


Quick Mill Carola heats up in minutes! Once your set-up and have switched to position one on the three-position switch, your boiler will start to fill. After filling, with the switch in the third position, Carola's powerful heating element will kick in, and in minutes you'll be ready for your first coffee! The insulation around the boiler and the PID maintain temperature throughout your use so you're never waiting on your Carola. Once you've set-up the first time you will only have to switch the Carola on (position three) and you're off to the races!


While the Carola is filling the boiler from its reservoir, located at the back of the machine, you'll be impressed at how quiet it is! The 52-watt Ulka pump has a pulsar, making it quieter than most espresso machines. It's also protected from overheating by a Klixon that shuts power to the pump if it were ever to reach a damaging temperature.


  • A Double Spouted Portafilter with Double Insert Basket
  • A Single Spouted Portafilter with Single Insert Basket
  • A Backflush Disk (Also called a blank insert basket)
  • Group Cleaning Brush