Nicaragua Dipilto - Denim Coffee Company

Caramel, Lemon, Dark Chocolate.

Location: Jinotega, Nicaragua
Altitude: 1,220 - 1,524 m
Varieties: Red Catuai
Process: Fully Washed
Drying: Patio sun dried

Chimborazo is a family-owned farm that has been producing exceptional coffee for 22 years. The Lopez family has even deeper roots in the coffee growing business, but they had to take a hiatus in the 80’s because of the political situation in the country. The farm lies between two mountains, El Chimborazo

and Las Mercedes (which is what the name Finca Las Mercedes is derived from), about 15 km from the city of Jinotega. The Catuai variety that they grow is subjected to a rigorous quality control system which ensures that only the best beans are harvested. The farmers also value traceability--harvesting coffee by lots and classifying them by their quality. All of this attention to detail delivers a high quality coffee, year after year.